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Having finished her studies in the UK, Gail decided to return to Hong Kong, and has recently graduated from her B.F.A photography degree in Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong. She was fortunate enough to have had the chance to work with local studios and art centers, and had her work featured in magazines and online platforms. 

Colors play a major role in many of her works, as Gail believes colors reflect and communicate ones’ emotions deeply. Ironically, she used to dislike colorful things while at a rather darker stage of her life. But she was encouraged later on to explore the relationships among  emotions, colors and lights. 

The complexity of humanity and reality has inspired her melancholic, dreamy and soft style. Somehow, she wants to show the contradiction between reality and her imagination.  She believes memories are fragmented; she might not be able to reinforce certain feelings. However, she would be able to recreate layers of illusionary scenes, along with showing the emotions or moods that have moulded in the present moment. 

The process of not only photo-shooting, but especially post-production; has brought her mind at ease. Indeed, she sees it as a way of her ‘meditating process’ .  The way it lets her imagine, sprinkle and glisten freely, has motivated her to treasure the opportunities to share out these creativities. 

She’s aiming to continue to explore the beauty of irrationality and magical reality. It is her utmost desire that one day she would not only be able to be inspired by many more, but hopefully to also heal one another along her creative path.

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