" I was raised in a city where it is flooded by colors and lights; a city where I was raised - Hong Kong. 

There was a long period of time when I was addicted to the darkness of the world, which had seemed very appealing to me. 

During one of my recovery periods in the past, I then made a promise to myself - whenever the light in my world burnt out, I would go out, wander and search for lights that would shine the brightest. 

I have since discovered that being able to capture lights and colors reflecting and bouncing off their surroundings is inevitably interesting. Nevertheless, I am now hoping to share and sprinkles these glistening and creativities even brighter in the dark."

Sacred or Secret, 2019

"Wandering into this dark area near Mongkok , close to old karaoke night clubs with poorly-lit alleys, I saw a bright neon sign that had Chinese characters on it with the meaning of - "Sacred Place". I decided to combine them together; as it made me think whether Hong Kong would now seem more like a Sacred or Secret Place to you? Is it a place full of hidden secrets?"